Yesterday, 27th of June, the Eagle Owl Danubio – which most of you must know – is no longer part of the professional workteam of Brinzal. He had completely lost his sight and as a result of his very advanced age, his body had deteriorated too much. Its history, 26 years in Brinzal, is well.. read more →

The environmental crisis of agriculture has led to bustards, sisones, aguiluchos, and also barn owls and little owls to a desperate situation. The scarcity of invertebrates in the fields makes it very difficult for them to reproduce successfully. The same situation seems to occur in the parks of large cities, where scops owls do not.. read more →

Today we have to communicate some sad news. A few weeks ago, forest fire burned several hectares of low mountain in the municipality of Santa Cruz de la Zarza, Toledo. The fire has devastated most of the area through which the “Route through the gypsiferous hills” runs, an ornithological itinerary designed and marked by Brinzal.. read more →

The eight barn owl (Tyto alba) chicks that have traveled to Valencia have been bred in captivity in Brinzal from unrecoverable couples. Eggs have been artificially incubated and chicks bred during the first few days, after which they have been left again to the care of the parents. With a little more than a month.. read more →

In less than a week we will be once again at the most important ornithology and nature fair in our geography. One more year conservation lovers will take the Paseo del Prado of Madrid to show the projects in favour of the environment, the ornithology tourism and leisure alternatives and a lot of crafts that.. read more →