According to the calendar, winter ends and spring arrives. If there is a bird that warns of this change, it is the common blackbird (Turdus merula). This specie is one of the first that breeds and the one that usually first arrives to Brinzal. This year could not be otherwise, and last March 12 it.. read more →

As we all know, nocturnal raptors and bats have an important role as biological pestscontrollers, in an efficient and natural way. The first ones feed on rodents (barn owl, tawny owl or long-eared owl) as well as insects (scops owl and little owl). The second ones have a very fast metabolism, which forces them to.. read more →

For the second consecutive year we are going to be in the V edition of the Doñana Birdfair, which will take place from 9 to 11 of March. The place chosen to celebrate this edition of the International Doñana Bird Fair is the CONCERTED NATURAL RESERVE OF “LA DEHESA DE ABAJO”, located in Puebla del.. read more →

During the month of February we have carried out a productive training with the Environmental Unit (UMA) of the Municipal Police of Madrid. The agents of this unit have visited our facilities to know the work behind the counter where they leave all the patients they rescue every day. Their work, which is fundamental, is.. read more →

As you will know most of you, the population of Barn Owl (Tyto alba) has suffered a serious declive in a large part of its Spanish distribution area, Community of Madrid included. The agricultural practices carried out in the last decades are behind this sharp decline. Thanks to a grant awarded by the Ministry of.. read more →