Once again, a shooted bird enters Brinzal. Once again somebody went too far with the shotgun. Once again a protected wild animal gambles its future because ofa human negligence. This time it is a majestic female Eagle owl (Bubo bubo) weighting more than 2 kilos that appears last Monday. Presenting an entry hole in the.. read more →

Although sometimes there are exceptions, like this lucky European little owl (Athene noctua) that was found just in time and recovers in our facilities, most of the times that an animal encounters an obstacle of human origin, it usually ends in tragedy. Every year, hundreds of animals entered in Brinzal because of car accidents, crashes.. read more →

Now on sale the new t-shirts with a realistic drawing of a beautiful barn owl. Made by our friend Enrique Navarro. In two models and several colors. It is a limited edition. Do not miss yours! Each euro collected will be destined to our wildlife hospital and conservation and environmental education projects. Thank you for.. read more →

El pasado 19 de octubre, y con motivo del Día Internacional del Voluntario Telefónica, una veintena de trabajadores de esta empresa pasaron la mañana construyendo unas fantásticas cajas nido. Esta actividad, organizada por Enrique Pino Agüero dentro del Programa de Voluntariado de Ilatierra, contó con la colaboración de Brinzal y de nuestros vecinos de ARBA… read more →

As part of the activities programmed by the El Campillo Environmental Education Center to celebrate The World Day of Birds, last sunday 6th of October, we released of animals from our rescue center. In front of a large number of attendees, we discussed the problems that accompany such species as the barn owl and the.. read more →