Although early nocturnal raptors were considered close to day raptors(eagles, hawks …), later studies have shown greater similarity with nightjars and other nocturnal birds (podargos, nictibios, egotelos, etc.). Based on DNA studies, some authors have come to group these strange birds and nocturnal raptors in the order Strigiformes, although later studies advised to maintain the.. read more →

Brinzal’s advises to encourage conservation 1. Do not waste unnecessarily paper, use recycled paper and recycle the used. Remember that paper is made from trees where often owls live. These actions also carry a huge saving of water and energy. 2. Do not let your cat wander alone out of your home. Often, cats attack.. read more →

Las rapaces nocturnas siempre han estado rodeadas de supersticiones. A lo largo de la historia se han contado muchos mitos y leyendas de las aves rapaces nocturnas, relacionándolas con sucesos y/o cuestiones negativas, que han llegado hasta la actualidad y que, en muchas ocasiones, han puesto en riesgo su supervivencia.  Pero, ¿por qué surgen los.. read more →