Since the beginning of the summer you can see and hear these friendly animals trapping insects at flight in parks, gardens and forests of Europe. They come every year from central and southern Africa looking for good weather and increased food availability, for nesting. In Spain we recieve the visit of two species in particular,.. read more →

It’s never good news that an animal enters in our center, it means that comes with any problems, either injured or in poor physical or mental conditions. But in this case the story has two sides. In the last week they have arrived to Brinzal four barn owls (Tyto alba) from the community of Madrid… read more →

There are only a few hours to the opening of the second edition of the bird fair of Madrid, Madbird 2015. Like last year it will take place on the Paseo del Prado, among the fountains of Neptune and Cibeles, in the center of the capital of Spain. In this second edition, the space for.. read more →

A couple of months ago we strongly asked you for your support during two weeks in the votation organized by the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA). Despite receiving about 3000 votes and a lot of support in social networks, we did not get the AgroSOStainable project as the most voted in our category. Fortunately, once.. read more →

Today 21st of May is the Natura2000 Network european Day, a celebration to show this great network of protected areas that also is the main instrument for nature conservation in the European Union. The objective is to ensure long term the most threatened species and habitats in Europe, helping to stop the loss of biodiversity.. read more →

A few weeks ago we told you our purpose of installing nest boxes in Agroecologic Park Soto del Grillo (Rivas Vaciamadrid, Madrid, Spain) to provide nesting places for barn owls and kestrels. The goal is to establish those raptors as allies of farmers in the area against voles that eat their crops. Last Friday began.. read more →

This week we received a pleasant surprise thanks to an unexpected donation. They are several folders that will allow us to renew the older ones, some of them very deteriorated. These folders allow us to organize the thousands of files we fill in of each patient that gets to Brinzal. In this case the donor.. read more →

Every year the appearing of little owl chicks surprises us earlier, on May the 1st, we received notice from the first fledgling of little owl (Athene noctua). This small specimen of 114 g of weight appeared in Carabanchel, not far from our center. Unfortunately, fate played us a trick and the person who found it.. read more →

1. Make sure it really needs your help. It is easy to think that owl chicks are abandoned. Remember that these birds leave their nests soon, before even fly.2. Pick it up by putting over it a jacket or towel. So you can block its vision and you can protect yourself from its potential “weapons”… read more →

And we are already seeing the first signs of this wonderful but tough season. Temperatures rise, longer days, the first swallows (Hirundo rustica), the songs of birds multiply and some people claim to have seen a martlet (Apus apus). In Brinzal, it’s been about a month since they were born our first barn owls (Tyto.. read more →