Next October 20 we will do an interesting course in collaboration with the Environmental Classroom of Boadilla del Monte. We will know first hand the operation of a recovery center, in this case of Brinzal and we will learn how to act in case of finding a wounded or orphan bird. This is the program:.. read more →

2018 it’s been a year of many joys, but we would never have expected anything like this. A month ago the Cooperative Som Energía Madrid, in collaboration with Ecoo and La Marea, invited us to participate in a second contest to obtain solar generator. After the great experience of the 2nd Ecoo Solidarity Solar Generator,.. read more →

Last June 24, our Coordinator Raul Alonso received the Cross of Merit of the Municipal Police </ strong>, granted by the permanent samples of support and collaboration provided to the Municipal Police of Madrid. This act, celebrated on the occasion of the celebration of the Patron of the Municipal Police, Saint John Baptist on the.. read more →

Recently we told you that, Herce and Liebana, the couple that would strengthen the wild populations of Barn Owl (Tyto alba) through the fixation procedure, had adapted perfectly to their new home in La Alcarria of Madrid and, in just one month They had laid eggs . Today we can tell you that the process.. read more →

These last days has begun to appear unequivocal signs that summer has made its appearance and promises to be intense. In Brinzal, the arrival of summer means an exponential increase of work, the income of orphans rises, the accidents of adult individuals grow due to their increase in activity and the rescues and calls multiply… read more →

One more year Brinzal was at the fair MADbird 2018, the ornithological fair in Madrid, where a large number of entities related to bird watching, nature divulgation and protection of nature meet every year. As it happened in previous fairs this year, the less desired guest has been the rain, luckily it has not been.. read more →

Este fin de semana ha tenido lugar la primera edición de la Feria Ornitológica de Castilla Leon, OrnitoCyL 2018. Tuvimos la suerte de ser invitados a participar en ella y despus de unos días muy intensos, nos vamos con gran sabor de boca. El fin de semana pintaba feo con una mañana de viernes de.. read more →

Herce and Liébana, are a couple of barn owl (Tyto alba) with which we are doing a fixation of adults in La Alcarria, Madrid. It seems that they like their new home because it only take a month and they already have eggs. If all goes well, both they and their chicks will reinforce in.. read more →

Temperatures rise, day length increases and wildlife rescue centers are overflowed. In a matter of two weeks we have recieve a lot of patients. They have entered several fledglings of and Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) who already grow up physically and psychologically with their fosters parents, irrecoverable adults who are responsible for feeding them.. read more →

Esta tarde nuestro Coordinador Raúl Alonso participará en los Martes Ornitológicos con una interesante charla sobre la lechuza común, nombrada recientemente ave del año. Estas interesantes jornadas están organizadas por SEO/Birdlife y el Museo Casa de la ciencia (CSIC). Os esperamos en el Museo Casa de la Ciencia (CSIC) en la Avda. María Luisa S/N.. read more →