Since the beginning of the summer you can see and hear these friendly animals trapping insects at flight in parks, gardens and forests of Europe. They come every year from central and southern Africa looking for good weather and increased food availability, for nesting.

In Spain we recieve the visit of two species in particular, the brown nightjar (Caprimulgus ruficollis) and Gray Nightjar (Caprimulgus europaeus). The first one, bigger and brown-coloured, the second as its common name suggests, gray-coloured. Both have a cryptic coloration that allow them to pass unnoticed during the day as they are crepuscular who use darkness to hunt.

In our center we have recieved some individuals of both species, some injured and others still too young to fend for themselves. These animals require special care, because you have to feed them manually twice a day and handle them with extreme care as they are very nervous birds and can lose feathers easily.

They always lay two eggs from which come two chicks, it is a nidifugous specie, so they appear on the trails, and even if they seem abandoned, they may not need our help. Sometimes they appear trapped in warehouses and basements where they can’t get out and just banging trying to find the exit.

If you find one and think you need help, please call +34 91 479 45 65 during office hours or at +34 670 93 32 40 if it is an emergency. As with any bird, try not to give anything to eat or drink since we do not know if you are dehydrated or have any injuries. Put it in a cardboard box with holes and look for a quiet place to leave it until we go get him.