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Every year hundreds of owls are treated at Brinzal. Victims of abuse, fire or stolen from their nests, many can recover from their injuries and return to being free.
But the recovery of a wild animal is a delicate task, requiring means, facilities and specialized techniques.

From the time of admission in the recovery center, the animal will pass through different stages until it is possible to return to the place that should never have left (diagnostics, veterinary treatment, rehabilitation and physical aptitude ….): Nature. Sometimes, despite our efforts, it is not possible to release some of our patients due to the severity of their injuries. Then remain in Brinzal as irrecoverable animals, making the role of adoptive parents or nurses, helping in the rehabilitation of the young and inexperienced ones.

If you are interested in helping any of these nocturnal birds and want to feel part of the process of recovery, you have an easy way to do it: TO SPONSOR it.

With your sponsorship expenses you participate in the rehabilitation and maintenance of these birds generated; food, medicines, surgical treatments, etc.

• A certificate of sponsorship
• A photograph of the specimen assigned
• Full details of its history (when it got to the center, for what cause, injuries, initial treatments, etc.)
• Full details of the species (where it lives, what feeds, etc.) • Regular information about its evolution
• If the bird is recoverable, YOU who will return it to nature with your own hands!

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