Already into the month of July these are the two species that fill the days at our center. Every day dozens of common swifts (Apus apus) reach Brinzal after their first failed flights. They come thanks to the dedication of people who are responsible for bringing them on their own or alerting the ecological patrol of the Madrid Municipal Police in 91 526 34 87.

It is imperative not to feed them or give them water directly, nobody dies for being a few hours or a day without eating and it could create more problems than solutions. Especially do not give them bread with milk. THEY ARE NOT MAMMALS!

At our facilities they receive personalized treatment from our volunteers they start a new round of rehydration and feeding with right foods each hour and a half.

On the other side are the scops owls (Otus scops) the smallest nocturnal bird of prey that lives in our peninsula has already begun raising. Every day there are several chicks and fledglings of this specie reach our facilities. Remember that you must rescue them and call us only if they are in a conflict place or injured, if is not the case leave them, their parents are caring them although you may not see them.

These chicks should be hand fed during the first few days, once dewormed there are unrecoverable couples who will become his adoptive parents. Deworming is necessary due to the existence of a parasite, with incidence in the city of Madrid, which causes some patches in the mouth that prevents them from eating.

Do not think that only these two species enter in Brinzal these days. It is still entering many young little owls (Athene noctua), late fledgings of tawny owl (Strix aluco) and hundreds of birds such as sparrows of several species, blackbirds, starlings, etc.

If you want to help us sponsoring some nocturnal bird of prey or donating funds some of the ways available on our web, on Facebook, in Teaming or free with your purchases online via Helpfreely. Each gesture sums.