The temperature increases, the sun rises and the first scops owl arrive (Otus scops). The smallest of the nocturnal raptor species that inhabit our territory crosses the African continent before reaching its breeding area: Europe.

For some days we have been told that they were starting to listen their singing in the evening, but it was not until last Friday when the first scop owl entered Brinzal. Its symptomatology is not serious, a blow against a window or simple tiring after the long journey. The ideal is to get them ready as soon as possible and in a few days they will be released so they can look for a partner and raise the new generation of madrilenian scops owls.

To these we release soon, we hope to join those who have had to spend the winter in our facilities, as they did not recover in time from their injuries. In a closed installation, where we try to recreate conditions of temperature and humidity similar to those they would have in their wintering sites, they have spent the last 5 months waiting for the good weather.

For us this marks the change of trend in our center, since it means that we must increase the effort and change schedules, shifts and receive more volunteers and volunteers to help us. In a word: Spring.