Temperatures are falling and we have to be prepared for a tough time for our patients, since the cold is never a good companion. We changed the diets, now rich in fat to ensure optimal thermoregulation.

The irrecoverable scops owls (Otus scops) and those who have not been able to recover in time for their hard trip to Africa, are already installed in a closed facility where we can control optimal temperature and humidity for their survival. They will remain isolated from the cold until the beginning of the following year.

We continue emptying our facilities of the younglings of this year, who are being released by their godparents to whom we thank their contribution in the recovery of their sponsored. Sometimes it is difficult to find the right day because it is hunting season and we try to avoid it, as far as possible, by scheduling the releases on Sundays and always awaiting that the rain allows us to do it.

Luckily at this time very few patients come to Brinzal, which allows us to prepare the infirmary, the warehouse or the tool room. In the exterior we prepare the facilities that are remaining empty so that they are in the best conditions for the next patient.

We also increased our efforts in the search for funding and aid to afford the following year’s projects, an always complicated task. Maintaining a recovery center requires more financial support than it seems. As always we want to thank the support of partners and godparents who with their contributions give us a very important impulse. Special mention to the collaborating entities, who bet on us year after year.

Despite the harshness of the time we are fortunate to be able to carry out our work in a place full of wildlife as the Casa de Campo in Madrid, where bird are always singing, despite is very close to the city.