15 years have passed since the great environmental disaster that resulted in the wreck of the Prestige, a shipwreck that was the visible face of the administrative-legal tangle that surrounded the ship: the cargo of the cargo, the ship itself, the flag … nothing had a logical relationship. The management of the shipwreck was not logical, and the result of all this has paid, and still is paying for it nowadays, by the fauna, by the Galician society and by the marine and coastal habitats.

Araos, auks, puffins … those birds became a kind of nightmare for those who had the misfortune to know what happened. For all of us the name of a bird -more if it is one that we do not usually see-normally induces joy. The poor seabirds that suffered this catastrophe will never again mean joyfulness. They have been united to death, to cold, to impotence of seeing how one more time human beings means suffering to nature.

The only positive fact of this story was how many people, of very diverse nature, came together to help: to clean petrol, to pick up affected birds, to clean the beaches… although it is impossible to remedy the disaster even after 15 years, we are glad we were there to contribute a bit.

We trully hope this horror will never happen again. Nunca mais.