1. Make sure it really needs your help. It is easy to think that owl chicks are abandoned. Remember that these birds leave their nests soon, before even fly.picto62. Pick it up by putting over it a jacket or towel. So you can block its vision and you can protect yourself from its potential “weapons”. Take special care with claws and beak if it is a raptor and the beak if it is a stork, a seagull, a vulture, a heron…


3. Put it in a cardboard box in which you’ve previously done some holes and leave it in a quiet place. It shall not see or hear you . Our very presence is terrifying for wild animals because they consider us predators.

picto1 4. Do not ever put it in a cage. There it will feel very helpless and it could shatter its plumage. It could also engage any part of its body between the bars and you will be creating a problem that it has not.

picto2 5. Do not force it to eat or drink. Surely you don’t have mice at home! Furthermore, in many cases it should not eat until several days because of dehydration, and if it did it could die. As for water, as hot the weather is, they should not be forced to drink under any circumstances. This only will get water inside its lungs.

picto36. Do not try to cure it. First it must be examined by a veterinarian specializing in birds. Furthermore, many drugs for people are contraindicated in birds.

picto47. Call URGENTLY Brinzal or other Birds Sanctuary. +34 91 479 45 65 and +34 670 93 32 40 (mobile).