Our conservation project of agricultural environments dependent birds continues adding partners. This time it has been with the town of Santa Cruz de la Zarza (Toledo) and its council with whom we have signed a collaboration agreement for the development of AgroSOSteinable Project.

This Project has the support of the Biodiversity Foundation, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment and the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA). The aim of the agreement is the development of actions to promote the awareness, knowledge and conservation of biodiversity associated with agricultural environment.

One of the agreed actions is the design of an ornithological route in the site known as Charco Negro. It is a place of outstanding natural beauty, nestled between gypsum ravines, and in which we can observe species like eagle owls, marsh harriers and even Bonelli’s eagle.

Our sincere thaks to the Town of Santa Cruz de la Zarza for their invaluable support and collaboration.