Yesterday, 14th of October took place the signing of the collaboration agreement between Brinzal and the city of Aranjuez (Madrid). This agreement is part of the actions that the AgroSOStainable project being carried out in four areas of the Natura network 2000 on central Spain in order to increase sustainability in agriculture and promote the conservation of birds that depend on these places.

In an emotional ceremony, the President of Brinzal, Raul Alonso and the Mayor of Aranjuez, Cristina Moreno, met to sign the agreement.

AgroSOStainable is a project that has been running since 2013 with the invaluable support of the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment and recently in collaboration with the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA) which seeks to reconcile agricultural practices with the presence of wildlife, creating added value in this beautiful area as well as other attached to the project.

Our field technician, Ivan Garcia is responsible of farmers advice. He will be responsible for raising awareness among farmers on the use of farming techniques compatible with wildlife conservation. We are sure it will be a two-way information very useful.

Other actions to be developed in Aranjuez in collaboration with the group SEO will be to organize ornithological routes and awareness activities for young and grown ups.

After signing the agreement, we freed to nature two specimens of Barn Owl (Tyto alba) recovered in Brinzal. This species seriously threatened today primarily because of agricultural intensification, is one that will be most benefited by the project AgroSOStenible.

For us it is a pleasure and an honor to work with a city with so much history that is still making a difference this time by sustainability and environmental protection.