We are preparing ourselves to start a new year in which we hope things will continue improving. We have to take a look at what 2017 has been to review good and bad moments, recalculate errors and quantify successes.

2017 has been a year of a lot of activity in our center, the heat and the lack of water have increased the number of incomes above the 2000 patients, being especially high the swifts (Apus apus and apus pallidus), 600 approximately, even the comedian Ignatius Farray brought us one, and about 160 scops owls (Otus scops), this specie have even surprised us with an income in December. We also had unusual incomes like alpine swifts (Tachymarptis melba) that were released within a few days. We have managed to free or cede other centers to complete their recovery to many of them. As for nocturnal raptors we have managed to recover approximately 60% of those who have arrived at the center.

We started the year with great enthusiasm celebrating the 30th anniversary of our association with a full day of activities for children and adults, where our partners could know our facilities. In the afternoon there was a grand gala hosted by Maria José Caballero, Campaign Coordinator of Greenpeace and José Antonio Montero, director of Quercus magazine, in the marquee of the comrades of the Carampa circus school. We knew the origins of Brinzal, its activities and we were able to enjoy acrobatics, magic and live music by our favorite group: Animaleitors. An unforgettable day without a doubt.

This year we participated in the Doñana BirdFair and in the Madbird 2017, in both fairs we had a great reception both in our stands and in our talks and workshops. We will see if we can participate in 2018.

The collaboration with the Parques Reunidos Foundation brought with it the Aiza prize for conservation and in-situ research for our project “A little owl on each olive tree”. We also carried out activities in their summer camps, so that the children of Madrid could better know the nocturnal raptors.

Lafarge-Holcim is also committed to conservation and more and more schools visit its restored quarry at the Ocaña table in Toledo, and visit the Nature Interpretation Center where we teach them the virtues of ecological restoration. And as every year several of our barn owls (Tyto alba) have been released by hacking installed in their factory in Villaluenga de la Sagra, surrounded by fields, an ideal habitat. By 2018 we have more things ready to do together, we will tell you.

This year we have returned to celebrate the International Bird Day with our SEO Sierra Norte colleagues, releasing a tawny owl in Madarcos and we have participated in the march for the protection of the Iberian wolf, both very exciting moments.

Not everything has been good news unfortunately, in summer we learned of the burning of one of the routes that we placed last year in our project “AgroSOStainable”, the one of Santa Cruz de la Zarza, in Toledo. We also had to say goodbye to several illustrious members of our center, the eagle owls (Bubo bubo) Danubio and Volga, with several decades in Brinzal, or the owls Torrente, Alcobendiita and Juanita, responsibles for raising many chicks for many years. May they rest in peace and may their legacy go on with all their liberated offspring.

This does not stop and we have to move forward and we can do it thanks to our partners who increase each year giving us more and more strength, to the sponsors who have committed to take care of many of our patients and have been they and themselves who have released them, to the numerous donations both in person, through our website or using the Teaming platforms, donating one euro per month, or Helpfreely donating for free with online purchases. But above all we could not go ahead without the help of our owlunteers and students of practices, that with their desire to learn and their generosity carry out the day work of our center. With all our heart: thanks to everyone who forms the growing Brinzal’s Family.

Have a very Happy 2018 year!