Yesterday, 27th of June, the Eagle Owl Danubio – which most of you must know – is no longer part of the professional workteam of Brinzal. He had completely lost his sight and as a result of his very advanced age, his body had deteriorated too much.

Its history, 26 years in Brinzal, is well worth knowing. It was the year 1991when Danubio entered in our center, then he became the most famous of the Eagle Owls. He arrived with some developed cataracts probably fruit of his avanced age.

Given the impossibility of being released, he became a permanent resident of Brinzal. During the first years, Danubio was reproduced every year and its chickens were part of projects of reinforcement of the species in Galicia and in Bizkaia.

Years later, it became the best foster father we’ve ever met. Every Eagle owl chick that has enter in Brinzal has been attended as if of its own son was, defending it “with claws and beak” as many as we dared to approach. Virtually all of us who have lived close to him have been marked. We never bother checking the chicks he cared for; We knew that they would be well looked after. Until the end, she has dedicated herself in body and soul to her children.

During all these years, Danubio has known several female Eagle owls, has been starring of many love exhibitions. Once, Danubio was paired to a wild female who came to visit him, and even some night he left us for party (he escaped, but the he did not go far).

An authentic mature gigolo among its kind. We like to think of Danubio on the frontpage of the “Owly magazine for Woman”. In fact, we are sure that wherever you are, you will remain as heartbreaker.

Thank you for the great work you’ve done friend. You will always be in our hearts.