It is none other than the release of our patients to nature. After months of rehabilitation, care, learning and bodybuilding, the temporary tenants of our center are released.

For us and their godparents as well it is the moment of greatest happiness, where we can see that the work of many months and many people get rewarded.

That anxious look, which in seconds recognizes the land of their new home waiting for your godparent give the final push into the wild and full of excitement to everyone present. That instant in which both godparent and animal are equally nervous while they pose for photos. That flight that fills the hearts of hope both those who have never witnessed a liberation and those who have seen tens of them.

Without any kind of doubt is the most special moment and it is thanks to the efforts of many people. The staff of our center, including volunteers and students, preparing food, clean facilities or picking up the wound animal anywhere in Madrid. Also the persons who call or bring the wounded animal to our center, whose commitment makes possible to help these animals. And of course the godparents, which help his godson financially and allow the treatment and care of many others. They form a very strong bond with the animal that have been released, despite knowing that they will not see each other again, what on the other hand is a good sign.

We will continue releasing owls, little owls, tawny owls, barn owls and others whenever we possibly can and only with your support and your contribution you can make it possible that these images they happen year after year. You can collaborate in many ways, visit our online store. Thank you!

Foto: Alex Grande