It is time to celebrate, to meet with family and friends, time of copious meals and dinners and some other excesses. It is the time to ask for desires, to think about those who are no longer among us, and time of making promises for the year to come and also is time to think in those who have less and need more help.

From Brinzal we want to wish you a very happy holidays where good things beat the bad ones, where the fraternity manages to break down the most unbreakable barriers and where all together we can continue fulfilling dreams despite impossible they could seem.

to us, we beg to continue doing our work one more year despite the difficulties that are presented in each step we take and that although sometimes the feeling is of discouragement, we will overcome with effort and help. And luckily we have the support of many people that make possible for us to continue to care for the nearly 2000 patients who enter our center every single year. For us, volunteers and partners and godparents and godmothers, they are our best gift. Of course thank all those who follow us through social networks, which give us visibility every day. To all of them, we give them all our most sincere thanks.

We also want to thank sincerely all the entities and authorities that every year bet on conservation with their donations, with their investments or with their effort, that allow us to move forward.

Merry Christmas!