As you know, during this 2018 we are developing the project “Conservation of nocturnal raptors linked to agricultural means” in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment and Territorial Planning of the Community of Madrid.

One of the objectives of the project is the promotion of rainfed agriculture compatible with the support of bird populations linked to the agricultural environment, including the barn owl and the owl, which have seen their populations are drastically decreasing in the last years. , mainly due to agricultural intensification.
One of the actions aimed at achieving this goal is the preparation of a guide to good agricultural practices, beneficial for both the farmer, as well as for the biodiversity dependent on these humanized habitats, and which are the distributing among farmersof the community of Madrid.

You can now download our “Guide to improve the health of our fields” on our website by clicking the link.

Guía para mejorar la salud de nuestros campos LQ