2017 it’s being such a hard year. We have lost several partners that were among us for more than a decade. They were very special animals who helped us to raise orphan owl chicks and to guide them into nature.

First it was Volga, an unrecoverable female Eagle-Owl (Bubo bubo), that after many years of service here at Brinzal left us after a clear deterioration in their health. Then it was his partner, Danubio, who had to do all the breeding work of the owl orphans, taking out the 12 chicks that entered this year. His physical condition was not the best after 26 years raising orphans in our center. At the end of the breeding season, he said goodbye.

Fortunately or unfortunately, life goes on and next spring, ther will be new owl orphans and someone has to raise them out. For this important task, we will have the invaluable help of Montoya, a female eagle-owl that entered our center this year on June 25th. She had been captured illegally, but luckily she was rescued by the police, who brought her to our center. A bit dehydrated, with eye alterations in both of her eyes that make it difficult to see and several phalanges of her amputated left foot, we could check that she is not able to fend for herself in nature.We will see if she develops well in her new stage as a foster mother.

Accompanying Montoya will be Damien (in honor of the evil child from the movie ‘The Omen’), a powerful and very bad ttempered eagle-owl male, who entered in March 2015 with a humerus fracture, at first it should not be a problem for being released. Due to his nervousness and savage attitude, he has not finished healing well. He has also suffered other injuries throughout his recovery that have forced us to declare him unrecoverable. We will see if all that natural instinct serves to fulfill the task of giving hope to the youngests of its kind.

Danubio and Volga left the mark very high, but Montoya and Damien sure will do it just as well. Long live the new Kings of Brinzal.