This year has been expected, but has already born the first barn owl (Tyto alba) of the year. This little bird was born last Saturday March 5th. It is part of the Program of captive breeding of barn owl (Tyto alba) that we carry out every year and that are intended to strengthen projects in several places in Spain.

Morañita, as it is called, was removed from his parents when he was still an egg but with a few weeks of natural incubation. So we avoid possible accidents since space in which their parents are is reduced and any shock can damage the integrity of the eggs. Furthermore we control the temperature and humidity conditions to be optimal before hatching.

Once they hatch, the chickens are fed manually during the first days of life, so we make sure that when we return them to their parents are healthy and strong. The return occurs before they impront with humans.

Once their parents receive food from them and learn how to behave like one of its kind. Once they grow up, they will be released by the method of hacking.