Over the next two weeks from March 9 to 23, you can vote for one of our flagship projects, AgroSOSteinable.

A few months ago National Geographic Germany selected our project to participate in the vote of the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA). The mountain sportswear brand Ternua sponsored it to participate. If you want you can vote here The competition consists in a vote in which anyone can participate without registering. There are six projects, the three most voted will receive a prize in the form of financial contribution.

Why should you vote for AgroSOStenible?

Our project does not have large land mammals or impressive marine vertebrates, whose mere mention cause admiration and respect, our proposal aims to go beyond focusing on a single specie.

AgroSOSteinable focuses on ecosystems, particularly in the most linked to humans: the rural environment. Hence its importance, since it is not one specie that is intended to help, but many at a time. Bustards, little bustards, owls, kestrels, stone curlews and many other species will be the beneficiary.

It is also a project based on respect for nature that tries to reconcile humans to wildlife through cooperation with farmers, without which this work would be unthinkable. They get added value in their products and sustainable land management. It also promotes ecotourism and bird watching. On the other side it is a model that can be replicated globally and in a variety of environments. In the short time he has been running AgroSOSteinable, have seen some very positive and encouraging results.

From Brinzal we want to share this healthy competition.During these three two weeks we will use social media to explain our project. We hope your support to give publicity. In the middle of next week we will try to get a Trending Topic on Twitter with the Hastag #VotaAgroSOStenible, we will need all your help. We will also support the campaign with audiovisual material and images.

You can start voting at: http://www.outdoorconservation.eu/project-voting-category.cfm?catid=3

In this video you can know more about this project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiddetIqvLk

Thank you for supporting us!!