On March 2 we proceed to the renewal of the agreement we signed in 2014 with Lafarge, from the LafargeHolcim Group. In meeting the challenges of sustainability that the company has developed, it has implemented biodiversity management plans in all its quarries and recovery actions that go beyond restoration, and awareness on biodiversity.

The agreement includes the development of joint initiatives such as the commissioning of studies and actions to promote the presence of raptors in quarries, counseling, participation in outreach activities and collaboration in programs developed in the Brinzal’s recovery center.

A new feature in the agreement of 2016 is the management from the center of nature interpretation “Mesa de Ocaña” (Yepes, Toledo) by Brinzal. There we will present the work of restoration of the quarry of Lafarge of the Mesa de Ocana, benefiting biodiversity. There we will teach schoolchildren the operation of the quarry and the importance of cement and the need for balance between mining and sustainability, the importance of recovery and conservation of biodiversity and respect for fauna and flora. All of this, encouraging teamwork and involving local people in the conservation of biodiversity.

In addition this year, Lafarge will work with Brinzal in the Hatchery and Neonatology program on our recovery center. An important aid, because in these times it is difficult to get the necessary funds for such a demanding and rewarding task.

For us it is a pleasure and an honor to have such an important contributor as LafargeHolcim.