Once again, a shooted bird enters Brinzal. Once again somebody went too far with the shotgun. Once again a protected wild animal gambles its future because ofa human negligence.

This time it is a majestic female Eagle owl (Bubo bubo) weighting more than 2 kilos that appears last Monday. Presenting an entry hole in the back of its left wing without exit hole. The X-ray image shows that the pellet remains lodged inside. The tendon have been affected. In addition, in his fall after the shot, he presents a strong bruise on its right wing and has ulcers in both eyes due to hitting the ground.

In Brinzal we are doing everything possible to heal the wound and eye injuries. It might need physiotherapy and maybe even surgery to fly again, but we must be realistic and we know that the probabilities for the owl to remain unrecoverble are elevated.

We demand once again in the group of hunters that respect the law, to denounce who does not do it and condemn those that boast o justify shooting on protected species. We deman the public administrations and competent authorities in the matter to continue to carry out their work with determination, in order to eradicate illegal practices. But above all we ask you if you know someone who does terrible practices, talk to that person and explain him o her that there are things that should not be done. Because self-awareness and aware people around you will do possible a world respectful of its natural environment.