Among those who collaborate with Brinzal helping us bring up our little patients, there is a very special one. This is Javier Esteban, veterinary ophthalmologist and at this stage of life excellent friend.

Javier began to help us with eye injuries that many of our patients had more than 20 years ago. Since then he has done a thousand diagnostic tests with an instrumental only he knows what it’s called, he has guided us with the treatment we should follow, and has operated many tens of eyes. he’s been the key for a lot nocturnal raptors and nightjars to be set free again.

Javier has surrounded himself with a team of veterinarians with as much personality as professional quality: María, Mario …

Fruit of the passion with which Javier developed his work, is Ocaña Veterinary Clinic. It is a place of reference for the treatment of eye disorders in small animals.

Thank you very much, Javier, for being you, and for the tremendous support you have given us.