As we all know, nocturnal raptors and bats have an important role as biological pestscontrollers, in an efficient and natural way. The first ones feed on rodents (barn owl, tawny owl or long-eared owl) as well as insects (scops owl and little owl). The second ones have a very fast metabolism, which forces them to ingest a very high quantity of insects daily. In recent years these animals are being given the importance they deserve, favoring their presence in many places.

Canal de Isabel II has joined these actions, and has commissioned Brinzal the construction and installation of nest boxes for owls and bats, in seven of its treatment plants in the Community of Madrid: La Poveda, Velilla de San Antonio, Alcalá West, Alcalá Este, Valdeavero, Fresno-Ribatejada and Sevilla La Nueva. In each installation we have placed five boxes for bat and two for medium-sized nocturnal raptors, such as the barn owl.

We hope that the boxes are soon occupied and that this measures will extend to other entities, favoring the presence of these biological controllers of pests in the place of poisons and pesticides.