Temperatures rise, day length increases and wildlife rescue centers are overflowed. In a matter of two weeks we have recieve a lot of patients.
They have entered several fledglings of https://brinzal.org/en/portfolio/carabo-comunstrix-aluco/ and Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) who already grow up physically and psychologically with their fosters parents, irrecoverable adults who are responsible for feeding them and teach them to behave as one of their kind.

It also time of blackbirds and starlings and the time of tree falling of some plucked chicks. Even whole families of mallards, where the mother has chosen to conflict place to nest and together with her ducklings we had to relocate them.

They also appear the first migrants from Africa. Scops Owl (Otus scops), very tired after their long journey, which normally need a good set-up, hydration and feeding, to return to nature to breed. They also arrive first adult swifts, which, due to some blow or imbalance, have fallen into terraces or patios and can not take off.

On the other hand, captivity breeding of Barn Owl (Tyto alba) Continues. Some chicks are already in several Hackings distributed in the Community of Madrid. Others keep growing in our center, waiting for their turn to reenforce the population.

Every wild specie are protected by law and it is forbidden to keep them. If you find one, call to the nearest rescue center. If you find a wounded animal, do not give it nothing to eat or drink, imagine that after a car accident, the first thing doctors do is give you a sandwich and soda, it does not make sense. Injured animals most of the times are dehydrated and is useless to give them water, they need serum, although they can be offered in a small container where there is no risk of drowning; NEVER force them to drink, it can cause very serious problems.

From Brinzal we hope you enjoy spring in its splendor, its colorful landscapes and the song of the birds, and that if you find a wild animal that needs your help, call us as soon as possible.