The summer in Brinzal is the hardest time of year. Hundreds of animals enter each week and multiplies work exponentially. Orphans require attention every so often and the heat does not help at work.

Luckily we have the support of many people that makes our work more bearable. Starting with the volunteers that every day perform all necessary tasks in the center.

We also have the collaboration of all the people who bring us injured or orphaned animals and the environmental unit of the municipal police, which greatly facilitates our work. If you find a wounded animal in the city of Madrid you can call 91 526 34 87 and they will collect it for bringing it to us.

We also have the support of our partners collaborating from 25 euros a year with funding from our center. In these times, where to get funding from institutions and companies is becoming more and more complicated, it represents an oxygen bottle. In return we offer discounts on sponsorships and merchandising. This year, in which we meet 30 years, we also have prepared some surprises for them.

Sponsors also help financing the treatment and care of our patients. Then they are themselves who return the animals to nature once recovered.

We can not forget the monetary donations directly into the piggy bank from our desk or the donations of work and office supplies, also through our website or the Helpfreely platform, where you can donate for free with your purchases online, and on Teaming platform donating one euro per month to our cause, so the center can open another day.

Last but not least all our friends that purchase T-shirts, mugs, magnets, etc, in our online shop. Everything counts.

From here we want to thank everyone for making possible our work and for keep transmitting us the strength to go on.