As you know, our work is immensely rewarding in many ways, it allows us to maintain constant contact with nature, we aid helpless animals and in many cases we can free them, we receive the help of many volunteers who are gradually forming part of our large family, but above all we have a lot of support from our partners and many more people in social networks.

Unfortunately, as you know, everything costs money, food, medicines, material of all types, tools… it is always complicated while we perform our task. Therefore we wanted to ask you once again for your support to spread these solidarity initiatives that can make the difference facing this summer that promises to break records of patients and workload and participate if you are interested.

First we wanted to introduce to you the HelpFreely platform, just downloading their application, you can donate a part of your online shopping. The cost of the product you buy will be the same, it is the company the one who donates in your name. In you can support Brinzal for free.

On the other side there is the Teaming platform where you can microdonate one euro per month for the cause of your choice, we expect to be our project. In you can understand it better.

Finally, as you know, you can become a member in from 25 euros per year. You’ll get discounts on merchandising, sponsorship and courses among other things that we will reveal throughout the year.

You can contribute in many ways, but the most important is taking care of your environment and being an example for those around you.