Although sometimes there are exceptions, like this lucky European little owl (Athene noctua) that was found just in time and recovers in our facilities, most of the times that an animal encounters an obstacle of human origin, it usually ends in tragedy.

Every year, hundreds of animals entered in Brinzal because of car accidents, crashes against unmarked windows, electrocutions, hooked on fences, locked in courtyards, warehouses or garages, etc. This is only a small part of the fauna that find the end by accidents caused by the human being. Every time we occupy more an more spaces that previously belonged to nature, we built more buildings, paved more roads or fenced more land. The expansion of the human being is inevitable, but it should be produced in a coherent and sustainable way if we want to enjoy our ecosystems and the fauna and flora that conform it
There are not few the times that animals enter in our center with the wings destroyed by the barbed wire on top of the fences and in almost all the cases the injuries are incurable. There still are a lot of blackspots of electrocution, where dozens of birds land not knowning they are not safe. There is not a week that you do not see an animal crushed by a car on the roads that surround the cities. We would like to say that each year it happens less an less, but unfortunately it is not.

The truth is that the accidents caused by human negligence would have an easy solution and popular pressure and awareness could achieve significant change. Secure electric posts, fences without thorns and with space for birds and small mammals to pass, steps for wildlife under roads, signaled glass, are small gestures of very low cost that an advanced society and respectful with the environment should adopt. It is in our hand.