As the water of the thaw, synonymous with life, flows drop by drop, the first nocturnal raptor chicks are showing themselves. Some of them have reach Brinzal to finish a development that they have not been able to complete in nature.

First came several tawny owls (Strix aluco), which entered with a few days of difference. And from that moment others have continued to arrive very little by little.

Then two eagle owl (Bubo bubo) chicks were removed from a nest near the airport as a precaution. In addition, four more have been rescued from different places in the Community of Madrid.

Finally, a long-eared owl (Asio otus) was trapped in a garden shed in a town in the Sierra of Guadarrama. After being picked up by the local police. We move to bring it to our center and it is already in one of our outdoor facilities.

All of them will be raised by couples of unrecoverable individuals who, due to the seriousness of their injuries, can not survive in nature, but are responsible for feeding and teaching these chilcks to be one of their kind. Thus we assure ourselves that their behavior is totally natural, that they will know how to distinguish their predators, relate to their own species, get their own food and they will not go to askto be fed from the first person they meet.

We remember that you do not always have to catch young nocturnal raptors. Most of the time, their parents continue to take care of them while they explore their territory. Only if we are sure that they are injured or appear in a conflictive place (swimming pools, busy parks, etc.) we will have to help them.