It’s never good news that an animal enters in our center, it means that comes with any problems, either injured or in poor physical or mental conditions. But in this case the story has two sides.

In the last week they have arrived to Brinzal four barn owls (Tyto alba) from the community of Madrid. You may wonder why is special that barn owls are entering in a recovery center for nocturnal raptors? Well, in recent years, populations of this species in the Community of Madrid have been drastically reduced due to habitat loss and abandonment of agricultural habits in our community.

The four owls that have entered are four young born this year, they come from the center of Madrid, Humanes, Tres Cantos and Colonia Fin de semana near Coslada. Three of them came with weight loss and dehydration and the fourth one with a injured wing. Luckily they recover favorably on our facilities.

The fact that barn owls reappear in Madrid could mean a surge in population, which would be great news. Meanwhile, we remain committed to this beautiful nocturnal bird of prey with our program of captive breeding of barn owl. There is still hope to observe the silent flight of barn owls at madrilenian nights.