We have already started the first actions of our project Conservation of nocturnal raptors linked to agrarian means, known as Alba Project . With it, we intend to make the rainfed agrarian uses compatible with nocturnal birds dependent on these habitats, through direct advice to farmers in Natura 2000 areas.
We continue in our effort to convince the farmers that the protection of the environment affects positively the health of their crops.

At the beginning of the week we have introduced the first three barn owl chicks (Tyto alba), born from of our Captive Breeding program, in the first of the planned hackings. This is located in the Regional Park of the Southeast. The Service of Conservation of the Regional Park of Southeast will be responsible to provide the necessary food for their development until they will be able to find their own food by themselves. From here our thanks to their effort.

In addition we took the first couple of adults for their fixation in the area of the Alcarria of Madrid. We provide them meal for a few weeks until they get used to their new location. Both places are located in the SAC (Special Areas of Conservation) Vegas, hills and wastelands of the southeast of Madrid.

Another outstanding action is the census of barn owl that we intend to carry out in the Community of Madrid during the months of April and May, for this we have the collaboration of more than eighty people who have volunteered to help us in this arduous task. From Brinzal we want to thank each and every one of the people who have offered to help us, as well as the Complutense University of Madrid for letting us to use their facilities to carry out the initial coordination conference of the census.

Finally, for the moment, we are preparing a manual of agricultural uses that are respectful of the natural environment, which benefits both wild species and farmers and which we will show very soon.

The project has started strongly and expects to have a prolonged flight and give us fruits. But as the whole project is not possible without financing, in this case mixed. On the one hand, the participation of the Ministry of the Environment, Local Administration and Territorial Planning, as a public entity, and on the other hand, the Natural Cosmetics Company LUSH as a private entity. We extend our thanks to both of them.