Last Wednesday, December 6, we got a surprise not quite pleasant, a Scops Owl (Otus scops) luckily without serious injuries but very thin and dehydrated. This fact would not call our attention if these specie would not migrate every year from Europe to Africa, its wintering zone, so it shoud not be here by this time of the year.

The mild temperatures that have occurred throughout the fall could have been the cause of the disorientation of this animal. Inevitably, with the arrival of the cold insects disappear, the food base of the Scops owls, leading to malnutrition. We hope that this is a rare exception and the rest of its kind has found on its way to Africa.

Without a doubt, we can count this fact among other indicators of the ravages that caused by global warming. Each year it is hotter and drier than the previous one, with very extreme and short winters. We worry that the situation we are suffering is so serious that if we do not remedy it will worsen exponentially. We know it is a delicate issue to address the energy, mobility, food, environmental model … but it must be seriously considered before is too late.