These last days has begun to appear unequivocal signs that summer has made its appearance and promises to be intense. In Brinzal, the arrival of summer means an exponential increase of work, the income of orphans rises, the accidents of adult individuals grow due to their increase in activity and the rescues and calls multiply.

It may seem very obvious the arrival of this hot season: the temperatures increase, the swimming-pools open and it stops raining, but there are also other indicators, which in any rescue center tell us that there is no turning back.

During the last week the increase in income of magpie fledglings, wood pigeon and sparrow chicks, is the prelude to the arrival of the real tsunami. First the fledglings of swift, that because of the heat they decide to venture to the void in spite of not having their plumage ready to fly. Every day dozens of aware people bring them to Brinzal so we can take them forward, not without effort. Then the Scops owl fledglings (Otus scops) arrive, small down balls that with two or three weeks begin to explore the surroundings of their nest under the watchful eye of their parents.

Many times these animals do not need our help, their parents take care of them. The problem is when they appear in a very crowded place or where many dogs pass or there are many cats, then it is best to pick them up and bring them to the nearest rescue center.

If you find any of these animals, try not to give them anything to eat or drink (remember that birds can die if they drink milk), no animal dies by not eating or drinking so for a few hours. Put it in a box and put it in a quiet place. In case the stay in your house is going to be longer, find out how to act. Internet for many things is usually a good source of information, but in this case it is not always the best. Get in touch as soon as possible with the nearest Recovery Center and we will tell you what to do.

Happy summer!