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You know where? Tell us!¿Sabes donde? ¡Dínoslo!

As you will know most of you, the population of Barn Owl (Tyto alba) has suffered a serious declive in a large part of its Spanish distribution area, Community of Madrid included. The agricultural practices carried out in the last decades are behind this sharp decline. Thanks to a grant awarded by the Ministry of

We can not attend them allNo podemos atender a todos

There are many people who call or come to bring injured animals every year. Without them it would be impossible to carry out our work, we would had to spend the day going from one place to another, picking up injured animals and orphans. Unfortunately we can not take care of all of them, we

This has been our 2017Así ha sido nuestro 2017

We are preparing ourselves to start a new year in which we hope things will continue improving. We have to take a look at what 2017 has been to review good and bad moments, recalculate errors and quantify successes. 2017 has been a year of a lot of activity in our center, the heat and

An Scops Owl in December!¡Un Autillo en Diciembre!

Last Wednesday, December 6, we got a surprise not quite pleasant, a Scops Owl (Otus scops) luckily without serious injuries but very thin and dehydrated. This fact would not call our attention if these specie would not migrate every year from Europe to Africa, its wintering zone, so it shoud not be here by this

stylish solidaritySolidaridad con Estilo

The cold has come and what better to warm yourself with style. Our friends from Giraffa have designed a series of very original scarfs. In addition to being really beautiful, they are also solidary items, with each sale the 10% of the total purchase goes to an association in defense of animals. In our case,

15 years from Prestige15 años del Prestige

15 years have passed since the great environmental disaster that resulted in the wreck of the Prestige, a shipwreck that was the visible face of the administrative-legal tangle that surrounded the ship: the cargo of the cargo, the ship itself, the flag ... nothing had a logical relationship. The management of the shipwreck was not

The New Kings of BrinzalLos Nuevos Reyes de Brinzal

2017 it's being such a hard year. We have lost several partners that were among us for more than a decade. They were very special animals who helped us to raise orphan owl chicks and to guide them into nature. First it was Volga, an unrecoverable female Eagle-Owl (Bubo bubo), that after many years of

Danubio R.I.P.Danubio D.E.P.

Yesterday, 27th of June, the Eagle Owl Danubio - which most of you must know - is no longer part of the professional workteam of Brinzal. He had completely lost his sight and as a result of his very advanced age, his body had deteriorated too much. Its history, 26 years in Brinzal, is well

Forest fire in Santa Cruz de la ZarzaIncendio en Santa Cruz de la Zarza

Today we have to communicate some sad news. A few weeks ago, forest fire burned several hectares of low mountain in the municipality of Santa Cruz de la Zarza, Toledo. The fire has devastated most of the area through which the "Route through the gypsiferous hills" runs, an ornithological itinerary designed and marked by Brinzal


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