Recuperación / Conservación

Spring has been unleashedSe ha ‘desbocao’ la primavera

Temperatures rise, day length increases and wildlife rescue centers are overflowed. In a matter of two weeks we have recieve a lot of patients. They have entered several fledglings of and Eagle Owl (Bubo bubo) who already grow up physically and psychologically with their fosters parents, irrecoverable adults who are responsible for feeding them

Brinzal y la Lechuza en los Martes Ornitológicos en Sevilla

Esta tarde nuestro Coordinador Raúl Alonso participará en los Martes Ornitológicos con una interesante charla sobre la lechuza común, nombrada recientemente ave del año. Estas interesantes jornadas están organizadas por SEO/Birdlife y el Museo Casa de la ciencia (CSIC). Os esperamos en el Museo Casa de la Ciencia (CSIC) en la Avda. María Luisa S/N

Alba Project: ActivatedProyecto Alba: Activado

We have already started the first actions of our project Conservation of nocturnal raptors linked to agrarian means, known as Alba Project . With it, we intend to make the rainfed agrarian uses compatible with nocturnal birds dependent on these habitats, through direct advice to farmers in Natura 2000 areas. We continue in our effort

Spring makes its wayLa primavera se abre camino

According to the calendar, winter ends and spring arrives. If there is a bird that warns of this change, it is the common blackbird (Turdus merula). This specie is one of the first that breeds and the one that usually first arrives to Brinzal. This year could not be otherwise, and last March 12 it

Uniformed BrinzalersBrinzaler@s de uniforme

During the month of February we have carried out a productive training with the Environmental Unit (UMA) of the Municipal Police of Madrid. The agents of this unit have visited our facilities to know the work behind the counter where they leave all the patients they rescue every day. Their work, which is fundamental, is


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