Recuperación / Conservación

Llega temprano el primer curso del año

Se trata del Taller de Fotografía de Alta Velocidad y Técnicas Creativas de Iluminación. Lo imparte el fotógrafo Javier Alonso Huerta, especializado en la fotografía de naturaleza. El curso tendrá lugar en las instalaciones de BRINZAL, dentro del albergue juvenil Richard Schirmann, en la Casa de Campo de Madrid. Tendrá lugar los días 18 y

Happy Owl YearFeliz Año Búho

It's a matter of hours for everyone to start the new year, so let's make a small balance of 2016 a very interesting year in many ways, but really hard on many others, especially the economic. Also it has been aour 30 anniversary which we will celebrate very soon. This year we have received 1314

Merry ChristmasFelices Fiestas

It is time to celebrate, to meet with family and friends, time of copious meals and dinners and some other excesses. It is the time to ask for desires, to think about those who are no longer among us, and time of making promises for the year to come and also is time to think

Brinzal en El Día De Las Aves

Un año más las aves serán protagonistas el próximo sábado 1 de Octubre y es que cada vez somos más lo que tenemos ese día marcado en el calendario. Por supuesto hablamos del Día de las aves, un día muy especial para tod@s l@s que nos dedicamos al cuidado y la protección de las aves

Small victoriesPequeñas victorias

Despite the difficult economic situation in which we find ourselves, we can still enjoy some moments of joy in Brinzal. We continue releasing individuals recovered, this time it was the turn of the curious nightjars. Each year they enter our center several of these birds so special that hunt insects on the wing by opening

The most awaited momentEl momento más esperado

It is none other than the release of our patients to nature. After months of rehabilitation, care, learning and bodybuilding, the temporary tenants of our center are released. For us and their godparents as well it is the moment of greatest happiness, where we can see that the work of many months and many people

Without help it would be impossibleSin ayuda sería imposible

The summer in Brinzal is the hardest time of year. Hundreds of animals enter each week and multiplies work exponentially. Orphans require attention every so often and the heat does not help at work. Luckily we have the support of many people that makes our work more bearable. Starting with the volunteers that every day


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